Lance Rouleau

Academic Achievement

2017 Michelle Tang STEM Scholarship (8th Grade)

2017 American Mathematics Contest 8 Second Place (MMA) (8th Grade)

2017 National Latin Exam Lvl I Cum Laude (8th Grade)

2016 Stratford Academy 7th Grade Top Science Student (7th Grade)

2016 National Latin Exam Intro exam Outstanding achievment (7th Grade)

2016 DUKE TIP National & State Recognition (7th Grade)

2016 The National Beta Club (7th Grade)

2014 La Jardin Academy Student Council (6th Grade) 

Personal Interests

2017 High School Tech Club (as an 8th grader)

2017 Oddessey of the Mind

2017 Middle School Swim Team

2017 Middle School Cross Country Team

2017 Rouleau Foundation

325 TRSS Black Bears on the Beach

In partnership with Brock Pest Control, the Rouleau Foundation is looking forward to hosting the 325 TRSS Black Bears and their families for a memorable day of fun at the beach.

5 Minute Beach Clean-up (St Joe Beach, FL.)

Stay tuned!